Marble Stone

Marble is a metamorphic rock which is formed from limestone recrystallization under high temperature and pressure over millions of years. The main mineral constituents of most marbles, are Calcite, Quartz, Hematite, Graphite, and Limonite. marble has a wide range of colors due to the presence of impurities within it.

Those marbles which are among the calcareous rocks, interconnected by cementitious materials and forms a layered structure. If the grain sizes are between 70 microns to 4 mm, it is called sandstone, while the larger grains turn into conglomerate stone. Marbles which are among calcareous rocks, are always layered & usually consists of very beautiful crystal lodes and fossils which gives a special beauty to this type of stone.

weathering can affect most of Marbles subjected to exterior exposures, Therefore, consumption of these stones in outdoors is not recommended, except under the following conditions:

۱٫ Do not use colored stones because color will fade after a while. Bright color stones perfect for exterior facades, Includes Joshaghan, Semirom and Marvdasht marbles.
۲٫ Stones uses for exterior spaces should have a proper thickness, since water penetration and corrosion of stone do not lead to its fragmentation.
۳٫ stone surface should not be polished by Bush Hammer, semi-rubbed or ashlar finishes.

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